Koji Commerce’s “Cozy” app for Android is now live!

KojiCommerce is a cloud-based commerce app that lets you shop for products, add them to your cart, and view product reviews.The Koji app, which was created in partnership with Etsy, is the first of its kind to let users shop for, add, and review products through a mobile platform.It allows for a seamless shopping experience, where users can add, shop, and remove items without any fuss.Koji will...

What is Koji Commerce Bank?

Koji is an online payment and savings service provider in the United States, and the company is one of several startups that is offering blockchain technology to help the nation's financial system better meet the needs of its customers.Koji, which has a $40 billion market cap, announced a $1 million investment in the bitcoin mining startup Coindesk last month.Coindeks cofounder and CEO Jeremy...

The next big city to get the NFL’s latest NFL Network subscription

By NFL Media Staff | 02/05/18 09:19:48After the NFL announced plans to roll out the NFL Network for a limited period in 2019, several major cities around the country received the service.Here are some of the major markets that will get the service by 2019:Atlanta, GeorgiaAtlanta, Atlanta, GeorgiaMiami, FloridaMiami, GeorgiaDallas, TexasDallas, Dallas, TexasMiami, Miami, FloridaNew Orleans,...

How a powerful, high-tech tool helps you save money with your shopping spree

Commerce Power Definition - The latest on the rise of online commerce.It's a term that's been around for decades, but in the past few years it's been gaining more and more traction.In this video, the author describes how a Commerce Power definition helps you shop smarter.The author explains how a powerful and low-cost tool helps merchants save money online.By the way, it's a powerful tool.


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