The Quality

Safety: Traceability, hygiene and control

SepandTD uses Hazard Critical Control points (HACCP), GMP and ISO 9001-2008 management principal to produce safe products. SepandTD is able to track products through the various stages of production. We know and document our buyer and supplier to know which products are used during our production process and label final products for traceability in case a quality problem occurrence.

Extraction solvents

SepandTD uses cold press approach for production of seed oils, so there is no any solvent during extraction, processing and filtering in this system. Therefore there is not any subject due to this matter but, SepandTD is aware that there are residual limits restrictions for the extraction solvents as ethylmethylketon (5 mg/kg, fractionations of oils) and hexane (1 mg/kg, production and fractionation of oils). In Saffron extraction process we use water and other natural seed oil during extraction process, so there is no any hazard contaminants in the final products. 

Production Composition

 SepandTD declares and authorizes the products composition by testing the products in a local laboratory and verifies the results by periodical sampling by governmental and in-house inspection procedures which are tested in an independent laboratories.