How to get a plane ticket to Mumbai on the cheap?

With the cost of a ticket from Mumbai to New Delhi soaring, it may come as a surprise to many that a domestic ticket to the city can be cheaper than a one-way ticket to Dubai or Dubai International Airport, says a report by India’s National Tax Authority.

According to a report prepared by the agency in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers, domestic flights to Mumbai from Dubai, Dubai International, Singapore, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore and Singapore International airports are cheaper than those from other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand.

This was the case for the cheapest domestic tickets for each of the destinations surveyed, which were: Dubai – 10 per cent cheaper than Singapore, Malaysia – 11 per cent, Malaysia Airlines – 14 per cent and Emirates Airline – 16 per cent.

The report, which also looked at other destinations such as Singapore, Abu Dubai, Malaysia, Dubai and Singapore Airport, found that Dubai International is the most affordable in terms of cost, followed by Abu Dhabi International, Kuala Lumpur International, Dubai United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

While the report does not include details on the prices of flights to Dubai and Dubai International in the last few months, the NTA said that the average cost of domestic flights from Dubai to Singapore was Rs 3,900 ($45).

The average cost for domestic flights at Singapore was also a lower Rs 3.7 lakh ($50) per leg, while the average price at Kuala Lumpur was Rs 6.4 lakh ($70).

While Singapore is often referred to as the world’s most expensive city, it is not alone.

The cost of international travel is also much higher than what is currently quoted.

For example, the average daily rate charged by SkyTrax for international flights from Singapore to Abu Dhabi is Rs 6,979 ($1,971) and Dubai to Abu Dubai is Rs 7,664 ($2,817).

As per the report, while Mumbai is the cheapest international airport for domestic travel, the cost per leg is much higher.

It said that Dubai to Dubai flights were around Rs 8,600 ($2.921), Singapore to Dubai was around Rs 11,400 ($3,982) and Kuala Lumpur to Dubai is around Rs 13,000 ($4,853).

If you want to see how much it costs to travel from Mumbai and Delhi, the report suggests you should book your domestic tickets from the following airports: Dubai International – 15 per cent less than Singapore ($2 per leg), Dubai United – 11 percent less than Hong Kong ($1.5 per leg) and Abu Dhabi – 7 percent less, Singapore International – 17 percent less ($3 per leg).

Source: NDTV


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