What’s new in iOS 11.2

IGN: Apple has announced a slew of new features for iOS 11, but the biggest change is a brand new navigation menu.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

New Navigation MenuApple has unveiled a brand-new navigation menu for iOS11.1 that is based on the same layout that it uses in OS X Mavericks.

Users will see a new icon for Navigation, and a new “New” button to bring up the menu.

Users can choose between three navigation layouts, each with its own shortcuts.

The navigation menu is a bit more straightforward than the previous one, but you’ll need to pick the right one for you.

The layout that is most intuitive is the default navigation menu, which will appear on the Home screen and Home screen widget.

This layout is designed for iOS devices that have only a single display, so you’ll see the Home button at the bottom of the Home Screen and the Home icon on the screen.

You can also select the default layout by tapping the “New Nav” icon in the navigation menu and choosing the “Layout” option from the menu that appears.

The navigation menu also lets you choose between multiple navigation paths, which you can do by tapping on the menu bar and choosing an option.

If you don’t see the menu icon, tap the menu button again and choose another navigation option.

In addition, there are two new shortcuts for navigation.

The first lets you quickly access the home screen by tapping it in the middle of the screen, and the second lets you access the Settings menu by tapping a little icon in your toolbar.

The shortcuts can be activated by tapping either the home button or the home icon in any of the navigation menus.

You’ll also be able to toggle the navigation shortcuts on or off in the “Navigation” section of the app.

Users will also have the option to add a shortcut to the home, which can be done by tapping its icon in one of the Navigation menus.

The home icon will appear at the top of the home page and you’ll also have access to the Quick Settings menu.

The Quick Settings screen lets you add a short name to the shortcut, which is useful when you need quick access to specific settings.

There’s also a new setting for adding shortcuts, which allows you to use them in a different way than you can with the other shortcuts.

You have the choice between adding them to the Home and Quick Settings screens, or to the Settings and Home screens, where they’ll automatically appear.

If adding them in the Home or Quick Settings is not working for you, tap on the “Change” icon and select the option that you want to change.

The setting will appear in the app’s settings, along with a brief description of the shortcut.

You must then tap on it to confirm the setting.

Once you’ve added a shortcut, you’ll have the ability to access it by tapping an icon in either of the two navigation menus, as well as a shortcut icon.

The “Add a shortcut” option lets you pick a shortcut that will be available for you to add in the home and Quick settings.

The shortcut will appear, with a short description of what it does.

You will then need to tap on that shortcut and then choose “Add”.

The shortcut icon will then appear at top of that home page, and you will be able tap it to add the shortcut to your home screen.

If you want a shortcut you want on your Home screen, you can select the “Home” option on the navigation toolbar and tap on a shortcut.

The app will display the “Add shortcut” options, which allow you to choose a shortcut from within the app and give it a name.

The name you choose will appear under the shortcut’s description in the menu, alongside the shortcut name.

Once you have a name for the shortcut you’re using, tap it.

The next screen will allow you add it to your Home or Settings page, as long as you don�t change the shortcut from the previous settings screen.

When you want the shortcut in the settings, you need only tap the icon that appears at the end of the “Settings” menu and choose “Home”.

From there, you will need to enter the shortcut again, this time choosing “Settings”.

The setting you selected will be the one that will appear next to the “Save” button, as you can see in the image above.

The settings page will then look like this:As mentioned, you donít have to select the shortcut before adding it to the page.

You don’t need to click on it in order to add it.

You simply need to choose the shortcut and the app will add it as a “Home or Settings” shortcut.3.

Home and Back Screen Widgets Apple has added two new widgets to the iOS 11 Home screen that allow you more control over how apps access your home screens.

You now have the following options when you’re creating a new app:1.

Widgets can display the current time as a list, a full list


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