Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are worth more than Google, Amazon, Apple, Apple’s rival

Business Insider has been covering the evolution of social media in the US for the last two years, and we’re still talking about how much they matter.

But a new study published by the US government’s Federal Trade Commission suggests that the social network giants’ value has soared to new heights, at least in the minds of consumers.

The study, from the University of California-Berkeley’s Center for Internet Policy and Technology, found that the biggest social networks have grown at a rate of almost 2,400% in the last five years, which means that the sites are worth nearly $2.3 trillion.

That’s about double the value of Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

The biggest value is still tied to Facebook’s growth rate.

Facebook’s value is $5.4 trillion, and it’s growing at a compounded annual rate of more than 1,000% per year.

Twitter’s value has more than doubled since 2011, to $2 trillion.

But the other major social networks, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have all been trading higher in the market over the last year.

Instagram is up $2,000, Instagram News has risen nearly 30%, and Twitter has climbed more than 70%.

The study found that Twitter was the most valuable social network in the country in 2014, at a valuation of $9.8 billion.

Instagram News is the most valued social network for investors, at $1.8 trillion, according to the study.

Instagram has a market cap of $8.5 billion, according the study, while Twitter is valued at $841 billion.

Facebook has a $1 billion market cap, Twitter has a nearly $6 billion market valuation, and Instagram News sits at a mere $250 million.

“The trend of social networks becoming dominant in the marketplace has been a consistent one over the past few years, especially in the realm of consumer behavior,” said lead author David Anderson.

“While many social networks were initially developed as alternatives to traditional advertising platforms, they have proven to be effective at building a user-generated content ecosystem that is driven by the user’s desire to engage with their friends, their brands, and their friends’ brands.”

Anderson’s team used the data to calculate the most recent earnings of each social network, which is a proxy for their market capitalization.

The companies had to earn at least $1 million in quarterly revenue in each quarter from advertising on its platform.

That was then combined with revenue from sponsored posts on Instagram, which Anderson said had a total of $2 billion in revenue for the past year.

This is the same group of companies that made headlines in April for its IPO in the United States, when Facebook made $1bn in profits.

The report also looked at how each of the five largest social networks grew during the last quarter, which was the time period when the companies were selling ads on their platforms.

Facebook, for example, increased its revenue by nearly $400 million in the quarter, and the company’s revenue from its ads on its platforms increased by more than $1 trillion.

Twitter, meanwhile, grew its revenue more than 3,500%.

But the report didn’t show Instagram’s growth.

It didn’t even include revenue from Instagram News, the company that had a larger share of Instagram’s revenue in the previous quarter.

The social network had revenue from advertising in the same quarter of $534 million, but only $200 million from sponsored content.

Instagram did report revenue from ads on Instagram during the same period.

Instagram also had revenue in a smaller portion of its advertising market.

The company had $6.3 billion in advertising revenue in 2014.

But Instagram had revenue less than half of that in the prior quarter, with revenue only $1,099 million in Q4 of 2015.

The other two biggest social network sites, Facebook and Twitter, had revenues in the range of $3.3 to $4 billion.

But they were actually the third and fourth most valuable of the four, according a new analysis from the Center for Media Innovation at the University in San Francisco.

The analysis found that social media companies are worth around $2 to $3 trillion in 2017.

It’s worth a lot more than the top five social networks because they have been building a network of brands and brands have been paying to advertise on their sites.

This has helped them to grow their brands faster, Anderson said.

In the past five years of data, Instagram has made nearly $500 million in ad revenue on its advertising platforms alone.

The value of advertising on Instagram has grown by more then $1 to $1 1 billion since the company began to build out its advertising platform.

“It’s a great platform for brands, brands that are doing really well,” Anderson said, “and brands that don’t necessarily have the same kind of financial resources, but it’s really good for brands.”

The study looked at the companies’ advertising revenue on their platform in each of their quarters.

The research


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