‘I am so proud of my daughter’: Parents open up about what’s next for their daughter’s career

From an unlikely source: the parents of a young woman who has been awarded the coveted honor of being named the “Best Student” in her high school’s graduation ceremony.

Karin Kuznick, who graduated from Lacey High School in 2014, is now the recipient of the National Merit Scholarship, which is named for her mother, Carol Kuznik.

Kuznick was a standout athlete in the high school marching band and participated in team events, according to her mother.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education at Lacey.

“She was one of the best students in her class,” Carol Kukns told the Daily News.

“She was so passionate about the school, she was so committed to learning and working hard, and she had such an amazing attitude.

It’s really, really heartwarming.

I feel blessed.”

Kuznik, who has four children from her first marriage, said she wanted to share her story to raise awareness about students with disabilities and the special opportunities they have to excel.

“I know many of my friends and my students have disabilities,” she said.

“It’s a topic that I really feel passionate about and wanted to get out there and say this is how it’s done.

I want people to know this is not an uncommon thing.”

Kukns said the awards honor her daughter for her “unbelievable work ethic, hard work and leadership skills.”

“She is truly an inspiration and I want to take this opportunity to honor her,” she added.


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