Facebook has made the move to stop users from using Facebook’s mobile commerce feature

Facebook has begun phasing out the mobile commerce functionality that was built into its mobile apps.

In a blog post today, the company said it is discontinuing this feature because it no longer serves the purposes it was designed to.

Facebook said it has been listening to feedback and that it has taken steps to improve mobile commerce for users who are experiencing issues.

In the past, Facebook allowed users to purchase items with their Facebook accounts and the app could be purchased for them directly on their devices.

Today, users will only be able to buy items with the app.

The company has made an effort to add new features to its mobile commerce tools to improve its experience for users, but there are still a number of issues with the mobile payments system that the company is taking steps to fix.

For example, users were able to send money directly to friends without a PayPal account, but now it will require a PayPal app.

Also, users may have to log into their Facebook account with a credit card number before they can use their money for purchases.

“We have been listening, and have made some improvements to the mobile app to address the issues identified,” Facebook said in the blog post.

“We have made it easier for you to use the mobile site to send or receive money directly from your Facebook account, and we are working on adding new features that will help you better understand the mobile product.”

Facebook will be discontinuing the mobile payment features that were built into the mobile apps on March 30, 2017.

The company said this move will give the company more time to improve the mobile products and services it offers to its users.


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