How to get around the commerce clause: ‘There is no excuse for this’: Senate rules committee member says

The Commerce Committee voted on Monday to overturn a bill that would have banned the Commerce Clause from being used in courtrooms, arguing that it would allow corporations to skirt the federal law’s restrictions on their ability to collect money from consumers.

The bill, introduced by Sen. Pat Roberts PatmanOvernight Health Care: Trump signs $10 billion emergency spending bill | FDA delays drug pricing | GOP seeks to expand Medicaid program | Health officials delay Medicare payments for pregnant women and nursing home residents | GOP to release medical marijuana regulations after ‘greater scrutiny’ from state Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers” was introduced by Republican Sen. Rob Portman and Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown.

It was the latest setback for Republicans in their attempt to roll back consumer protections, which were put in place after the 2009 financial crisis.

Under the law, companies and financial institutions can collect and pay for goods and services that they don’t need to pay for, such as health care and other necessities.

The Commerce Clause, though, has never been used in a court.

It also was the second time that the Senate voted to overturn the bill, as Democrats blocked a bill from coming up for a vote in the last two days.


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