Why we need to see ‘Pokémon Go’ on Android by the end of next year

With “Pokémon Go” now the top-grossing app in North America, many are calling for it to be ported to Android, where the game is more popular.

As we discussed in a recent piece, “Pokémon GO” is the most popular game in North American mobile apps, and a new app is being developed to make the game available on Android devices as soon as Android 7.1 is released in April.

However, while there are currently plans to make “Pokémon” available on an Android phone, that is not necessarily a sure thing, as Google has reportedly said that “PokémonGO” will only be available on the Play Store as a “limited beta,” meaning that it will only ever be available to people who own Android devices.

Google is also considering an update to Android 7, which would make “Pokemon Go” compatible with “Android Wear.”

That means “PokémonGo” will have to work with Android Wear to be compatible with Android devices, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. 

While the Android Wear update is a possibility, there is no clear sign that it would ever make it to “Pokémon,” as “Pokémon go” already has more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play.

In fact, it has been downloaded more than twice as much on Google’s Android Wear platform as on the Google Play Store. 

Google is also still considering making “Pokémon”, but its plans have not changed. 

The Android Wear developer beta has been available since February and has already seen the arrival of “Pokémon Pikachu,” “Pokémon Red and Blue,” and “Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.”

If Android Wear does come to Android devices in the future, “Pokemon” would likely be one of the first games to see the app, as that would make it compatible with the devices’ GPS.


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