How the world’s largest internet retailer plans to fight the rising tide of fake news The world’s biggest online retailer is moving to limit what it will do to customers who post content online that is misleading, or that is false.

On Wednesday, the world-leading online retailer Walmart unveiled its new ‘Responsive Content Quality’ program, which will make it clear to users who post misleading content that their content will be taken down, or banned from the site.

In addition, Walmart will introduce an algorithm to determine which posts are misleading, and which ones are true.

Walmart is the world leader in online commerce.

It’s also one of the worlds largest retail brands.

The new policy aims to tackle fake news and the spread of false information.

Walmart has been in a fight with online publishers over the past few years.

It was accused of perpetuating fake news, but Walmart has argued that it has taken the lead in making sure its brands have strong content and that the company is in a position to fight back against false content.

A spokesman said in a statement: We are committed to ensuring our customers can trust that Walmart has a level playing field.

This program will take us a step closer to that goal.

We have been clear that Walmart is committed to protecting the integrity of its brands and will take action against anyone who is engaging in fake news.

While this new program is being rolled out in its entirety, Walmart has been working with publishers to implement content quality policies, including the one implemented for its site.

WalMart said it would also be using a new system for the creation of ‘reputable’ content.

The company will use social media and its ‘verified’ content management system to determine if a post meets the standards Walmart has set for itself, Walmart said.

“The standards we’ve set for ourselves will ensure that Walmart’s content is more reliable, more truthful, more authentic and more relevant to consumers, brands and our customers,” Walmart said in its statement.

“The new verification system will provide us with an additional level of assurance that Walmart takes the quality of its content very seriously, and will ensure it is presented in a way that consumers, customers, brands, and the public will enjoy.”

Walmart said it is also making changes to the way it handles content on its website.

It will stop allowing customers to embed content they’ve made available to them, Walmart added.

In a blog post, Walmart’s Chief Digital Officer, Mike O’Connor, said the company was moving to create a more reliable way to manage content.

“We are focused on creating a world where we can both innovate and deliver a better experience,” he said.

“When a user creates a content that they intend to share with their friends, we will create a ‘post’ that allows them to share it in a similar way they might share a video or audio file, with a link to the post.”

WalMart is the largest retailer in the world, with $18 trillion in sales.

Its aim to tackle misleading content was applauded by the US Chamber of Commerce, which said Walmart should focus on creating genuine content instead of creating fake news to promote itself.

“Walmart should not create false or misleading content to promote its own products or services.

That is the kind of content that undermines our economy and hurts consumers,” said the chamber’s senior vice president, Bob Gagnon.”

Our goal should be to create genuine, trusted content that customers can believe in and trust.”

He said the group was urging Walmart to use its existing platform to create content that was verified.

“This is something that Walmart can do by simply sharing the content that we verify,” he told the Associated Press.

“If you don’t have the right content, it won’t work.”

Earlier this month, Walmart had been hit with a major copyright complaint from a German TV station, which alleged that the retailer had copied content on a video store’s website.

Walmmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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