The latest news from Around The Web – 5 February 2018

Updated February 5, 2018 07:53:19 The Commerce Club has announced that it will be discontinuing its business, Commerce Meadows, as it will no longer be accepting bids for the retail club’s website.

The Commerce Club is a member of the United States Department of Commerce, a government body established in 1871.

Commerce Meadows was founded in 2008 by former US President Donald Trump.

It was launched to sell apparel and accessories in the USA, Canada, Europe and Africa.

Its website is available to the public and allows members to sell items in bulk, such as for weddings and corporate events.

A Commerce Club spokesperson told Business Insider that the business is closing after two years.

“We’ve had a wonderful run with our members, but our current membership is growing and we can no longer afford to keep doing business for the sake of our members,” the Commerce Club said.

“It’s a tough time for many members, especially our older ones, and we have a responsibility to make sure we have all of our services and services that our members need.

This means that we will no long be able to sell products directly to our members.”

The Commerce club has not yet commented on the decision to cease selling the site.

Commerce Club CEO Tom Bensinger said in a statement that he was saddened by the decision, and the loss of the club’s business is very unfortunate.

“The Commerce team appreciates the loyalty and support that our loyal members have provided us over the years, and I wish them nothing but the best,” he said.


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