How to get into your local medical school

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go into a medical school, you’re in luck.

The U.S. Medical Education Association is encouraging medical schools to expand the number of places to attend and is calling for an overhaul of how medical schools are structured.

The new guidelines come after a year of criticism from medical educators over the way in which medical schools and medical students are currently structured, according to a press release from the AMA.

“We are pleased that the AMA has committed to changing how medical school programs are structured,” AMA President and CEO Richard Smith said.

“While we acknowledge the challenges that are out there, our primary goal is to ensure that our students are getting the best medical education available to them.”

The AMA is pushing for a system in which more places can be filled in to cover more students, a process that will be streamlined to a degree by the end of the year.

Smith said in a statement that the new AMA guidelines are intended to create “a single-purpose, national standard for the structure of medical schools.”

The goal is for medical schools, which have historically struggled to fill their openings, to be able to provide the best education to their students, he said.

The AMA also wants to change how the process for applying to medical school is set up.

This could include making it more difficult to be accepted into medical school and making it harder for students to get in without a GPA.

The AMA is asking that these changes be made before the 2020-21 academic year begins.

The new AMA recommendations will come into effect on January 1.


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