The ‘Omegas’ of police departments, police officers, and the police officer

The Australian police are notorious for being the epitome of a militarised organisation.

While some may view this as a sign of weakness, I would argue that they are in fact strong, especially in light of the number of officers killed in the line of duty over the past two years.

The police officer in question, Sergeant James Ainsworth, was killed in Melbourne in July 2017 when a man attempted to run over him with his car.

Despite being outnumbered, Sergeant Ainswright was able to take the man’s weapon and fatally shoot him.

A year later, Sergeant Jodi Taylor, a former police officer, was shot and killed by a man who had broken into her home.

While the actions of these two individuals are difficult to comprehend, the fact that they were shot in the middle of the night at a home is not.

It was a tragic and tragic incident, yet they were both shot while trying to help a woman who was struggling with a mental health issue.

Yet despite this, the Melbourne Police have been awarded a police force medal by the Australian Police Association for the “extraordinary contribution” they make to the community.

However, the honour has been denied to a woman in Victoria, who was killed by the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade in February 2017.

In the past year, there has been a number of incidents where the Melbourne police have been accused of brutality against women.

One of the most recent examples was the murder of Amanda Berry, who is widely recognised as a prominent activist in the anti-death penalty movement.

Amanda Berry was stabbed in her neck with a butcher knife while she was walking down the street.

The murder was caught on camera and went viral, prompting outrage across the world.

When Amanda was first arrested, police told her she would face the death penalty if she were to be convicted.

The Victoria Police Department later admitted that the officers involved in the arrest did not see that Amanda was alive, and that she would receive the death sentence.

However in the video footage of the arrest, the Victoria Police are heard telling Amanda that the woman was “failing to cooperate”, as if she was being charged with a crime.

Amanda was later charged with rape and was found guilty.

The case was subsequently dropped, however, Amanda was charged with the murder, and in December 2017, she was found not guilty of the rape charge.

Despite this, she is still facing the death by stoning sentence.

In May 2018, Victoria Police officer Andrew Burt was charged in relation to the death of Sandra Bland, a black woman who died in jail in Texas in 2016.

Bland’s death led to protests across the country, and resulted in the acquittal of the officers responsible for her death.

Burt, a police officer who is white, was subsequently charged with murder and given a mandatory life sentence.

It is not just officers that are being accused of misconduct.

The Royal Australian Mounted Police (RAMP) were recently accused of using excessive force against Indigenous people, with some reports claiming they used excessive force on Indigenous people and were using force against protesters.

In June 2018, the RAP was awarded a ‘police medal’ for their actions during the protest against the proposed Northern Territory mining project.

Protesters were attempting to blockade the mine and were pepper sprayed.

As the protesters were surrounded by RAP riot officers, a member of the RSPCA, a community member, ran into the mine to provide medical help for the protestors, but was attacked by the riot officers.

The RAP have faced a number issues in recent months, including the arrest of a member who was protesting against the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and the arrest and conviction of a group of Indigenous people for the crime of assaulting and threatening police.

However despite these recent allegations, the Royal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Police Force (RATSIP) have been given the highest award by the Association of Australian Law Enforcement Administrators (AALEA).

This award is awarded to organisations that have a demonstrated record of excellence in policing, and are a reflection of the strength of the Australian policing community.

It also recognises the commitment and professionalism of officers.

However what sets the RATSIP apart is that they do not receive a police medal for their performance, but rather for their extraordinary contribution to the Australian community.

Their officers have been instrumental in helping to stop crimes, improve public safety, and protect our environment.

The award is given by the AALEA, an organisation that promotes the community through its award-winning community engagement programs and services.

They are recognised for their work in helping their communities, and their commitment to protecting their environment.

It’s important to recognise that not all of our police officers are equally skilled.

The best example of this is the police who are currently investigating the death and rape of Sandra Berry, and have been criticised by many people for their failure to identify and assist the woman involved in her death, and for their handling of her


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