Bank has new account to help struggling customers

A bank has set up an account to assist struggling customers as it tries to help them get on the road again.

It has been set up by the Australian Bankers Association (ABAA) to help customers who have struggled financially and have not been able to access their savings.

“We want to support people to get on their feet again, to get back on their own feet, and it’s not just about how much money they have, it’s about how they can make ends meet,” ABAA president and CEO Chris Williams said.

Bank of Queensland chief executive Paul Thompson said the account was a “proud contribution” to the bank’s efforts to help its clients get back to work.

He said it was a way of helping to rebuild trust in the financial system.

ABAA is also funding a new business loan program to help businesses and individuals rebuild their confidence and confidence in the Australian banking system.

The program is aimed at people with low or zero business credit ratings and is part of the bank, which is in the process of overhauling its customer relationship management (CRM) system.ABAA’s chief financial officer, Mark Janssen, said the bank would use the loan to help new businesses “to rebuild their business credit rating, get their business back on track and find new ways to get customers to come back”.

“We’re not just trying to make money from people, we’re trying to build trust and a confidence in our own products,” Mr Jansson said.

“We think we’re doing the right thing.”


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