When you have to get your food to the store

Posted February 10, 2019 05:05:38 A grocery store owner is facing a lawsuit over his decision to buy produce from the local farmers market instead of buying it from the farmers market itself.

In a lawsuit filed in November, the owner of the Dyer’s Market in Ashland, Ore., claims that he was trying to help his local food pantry by buying produce from farmers and then shipping it back to the Dyers.

But the lawsuit alleges that the store didn’t have the right permits to do so and didn’t follow all of the requirements of the state’s food safety law.

The Dyers’ Market was closed in late March because of food safety concerns, said Adam Miller, the general manager of the local grocery chain.

The market reopened on March 25 after the Oregon Department of Agriculture approved a new permit to open.

He said he was unaware of the lawsuit.

In October, a similar lawsuit was filed in Oregon against the Daughters of the American Revolution, claiming that the Diesers’ Market had not followed state food safety rules and failed to properly dispose of contaminated products.

Miller said that since the Dysers’ was closed for nearly three months in March, he didn’t know if any of the produce had been handled properly and had not yet been tested.

He noted that many of the items had not been inspected by state inspectors.

The Oregon Department on Tuesday issued a new rule that requires grocery stores to test produce before it is shipped.

The rule will apply to produce sold in retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants and other food services.

It also requires grocery and food service establishments to have a food safety officer who must inspect produce before shipment.

The Oregon Department says the rule will allow the store to “take appropriate action to minimize the risk of foodborne illness or death from the sale of contaminated food.”

The state Department of Consumer and Business Services says it is reviewing the rule and is working to issue a final rule.


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