Which Facebook is best for the future?

Facebook is getting ready to roll out a new tool for managing social media, which could be called the Marketplace.

It will enable companies to more easily target their ads on the site and allow them to offer users a variety of options to choose from.

The new Marketplace app is expected to debut sometime next year, but it will not be available on the main Facebook site until then.

The Marketplace will let marketers target and sell to consumers with the click of a button, and will be designed to make Facebook more flexible than ever before, said Ben Odom, Facebook’s head of business and mobile, during a call to reporters.

Facebook is also making it easier for marketers to monetize with the Marketplace app, as it will allow marketers to directly target and target consumers on Facebook through a new “content strategy.”

In an interview, Odom said the Marketplace will allow Facebook to more quickly deliver targeted ads to consumers and will allow them “to really build a real network of people.”

Facebook has made it easier to sell products to people who are already on Facebook.

The company has made its platform more user-friendly by removing ads from content.

It has also rolled out a few more features, such as allowing users to set up groups, allowing them to vote on ads, and allowing users access to content in a new news feed.

But it has made no move to make the Marketplace as user-friendlier as the news feed or to expand the feature set to more people, which would be a boon to Facebook.

Facebook will also roll out “social news,” a news feed featuring stories from news outlets with a strong editorial focus on social issues.

The social news feed will be updated daily and will feature stories from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, CNN, and others, according to Odom.

The news feed is currently being rolled out to Facebook users in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but Odom says the platform is expanding to other regions.

The Facebook Marketplace is still in beta, and Facebook says the Marketplace won’t launch until late 2016 or early 2017.

But the Marketplace is likely to be a huge boon to marketers, as the tool will let them target and connect with their audiences much more easily.

It is possible Facebook could be launching the Marketplace with the goal of making it more user friendly for consumers.

But that could put Facebook in the awkward position of competing with competing sites such as Reddit.

Reddit, which also has a “news feed” feature, is a more user unfriendly option for consumers, and has been criticized by consumer advocates and advertisers alike.

Odom also noted that Facebook has had to spend considerable time working on improving the Marketplace over the past few years.

Facebook has been working with social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to improve the Marketplace, and Odom acknowledged that the Marketplace has made a lot of progress over the last year.

“This is the first step in a lot more,” he said.

“The Marketplace is really exciting.

It’s been a really important part of the platform.”

Facebook will soon roll out another feature that will allow people to easily sell ads on Facebook for other people.

The feature is called “multi-channel,” which Odom called “a major milestone.”

This means that people will be able to create a channel on Facebook where they can advertise to people and then get paid for doing so.

Odooms Facebook will be rolling out this feature to a variety the ads, including “sponsored posts” and “organic posts.”

Facebook said in a blog post that the Multi-Channel feature will help marketers more easily find the ads they need to promote.

The Multi-channel feature will allow advertisers to target users to their channels, rather than simply placing ads on a “target” page, and the advertiser will be notified when a channel is available.

“We are making this more flexible, so it makes it more possible to reach consumers in their social circles,” Odom added.

The multi-channel ad feature is a big step forward for Facebook, which has been slow to integrate the feature into its core product.

Facebook had initially limited the number of channels that could be shared with advertisers, which limited the ability of advertisers to reach potential customers.

In a statement, Odoos Facebook said that the new Multi-Channels feature will make it easier and faster for advertisers to find the people they want to reach, and to find them with their ads.

“With the Multi Channels feature, we will enable marketers to share their audience with advertisers with a single click, eliminating the need to spend more time on the advertising platform,” Odoom said.

But as Odom noted, this is only the beginning.

The “Multi Channels” feature will be expanded to include other types of ads, such in-depth and targeted ads, he added.

Facebook said it will be announcing additional Multi-channels features in the coming weeks.

Odonom also noted how Facebook


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