How to get the most out of Google’s new Homestore

When it launched its new Home store in June, Google said it wanted to make its Home app even better than its own store.

Google’s version of the Home app lets users choose from more than 500 different home-improvement products and services, and has a wide array of home-monitoring tools that let users track and control various home appliances.

But Home’s biggest change is that Google’s Home store is designed for homes that don’t have Google Home smart thermostats or the Google Home hub.

Google said that Home’s new app was designed to simplify the Home Store experience for users and get them started with a simple shopping experience.

Google Home users won’t need to use the Google app, as they already have access to the Google store.

Instead, the Google Store has been streamlined to focus on Home’s main features, such as shopping, music, video, and shopping guides.

Google has also added support for a number of third-party services that will let Home users monitor and control other devices.

Google added Home to Google Play in October.

Google also said that the Home store now has a dedicated Home page, which can be accessed by visiting the Home home page in the Google Play Store.

Google says that Home users can now check on their Home appliances and other home devices, manage Home accounts, and get access to more features.

Google plans to add more home devices and services in the coming weeks.

The Home store, which was launched as an Android app in October, lets users buy and use a wide variety of Home-related products and home automation features.

Home offers a wide selection of home appliances including refrigerators, dryers, stoves, and air conditioners.

It also offers a wealth of products to monitor and manage, including alarms, thermostat settings, and a Home hub that lets users connect to Google’s Google Home network to manage Home devices.

Home also offers Home TV and Android TV.

Google is launching a redesigned Home app in the next few weeks that will make Home easier to use.


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