Walmart opens store in Australia’s Kibo commerce zone

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Walmart Inc will open a U.S. retail store and ecommerce online marketplace in Australia, marking the first time a U and international retailer will operate in a single location, with the opening of the first online store in the world to be created by an ecommerce company.

The U.K.-based retailer said on Thursday it had signed an agreement with the Kibo Commerce Zone to offer a range of goods and services to its members in the Kibibo Marketplace, which includes a large supermarket chain.

Walmart said the store and marketplace will offer ecommerce-based shopping with more than 150 products, including food, toys, apparel, fashion and more, with merchandise available for purchase on its online store.

Kibo is a national marketplace with more then 40,000 members in Australia and New Zealand, as well as New Zealand’s second-largest ecommerce marketplace Kobo.

The retailer said it will offer products for sale at Kibo for $1.99 per item or less.

Walmart will have access to products through its online online store, including gift cards, and Walmart gift cards will be available for members to use in their own Walmart gift card purchases.

Wal-Mart will also offer e-commerce and Walmart-branded goods at Kibiboo, the company said.

Walter Isaacson, Walmart’s chief executive officer, said he was “delighted” to partner with Kibo.

Kibibio Marketplace, a marketplace for online shoppers in Australia that has more than 10,000 retailers, has been launched in a new, state-of-the-art shopping centre in Kibo’s largest city, Darwin, where a store opened last month.


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