‘Dude, We Need a Better Way to Buy Weed’ – New York Times

4 hours ago I’m tired of having to find and buy weed in New York City and in San Francisco and in Portland, Oregon, and in Seattle.

I just want to go to a park and smoke in a peaceful setting and I just don’t want to live in a place where the police have to tell me I can’t.

That’s just ridiculous.

We need a better way to buy weed.

It’s a shame, because there are a lot of people that live in these areas who are in the process of making a lot more money selling weed.

We have the power to make a lot easier on people, and the police are just the ones that are really stopping them from doing it.

It seems like there’s no way to stop this from happening, but if we do something about it, it’s going to take some work.

The only way we’re going to do it is if we demand a fair, honest, and transparent market.

That means we’ll have to be really vigilant about the fact that we have an entire industry that’s being pushed by the police and by law enforcement.

It will take some of us, but I believe we can do it.

If we don’t, the system will just continue to continue to work.

It can’t work if the only people who are buying weed are the cops.

It needs to be regulated and it needs to stay regulated.

That will require the help of all of us.

– The Times article 5 hours ago So you’re going back to the states.

How do you plan on selling weed?

It seems to be in flux.

You’re not going to be able to sell it all at once, and you’re not selling it to everyone.

Do you think that will be a problem?

I think it’ll be a big problem for people that have to buy it all.

We are selling a lot.

There are a bunch of people who have been coming to California for a long time.

There’s a lot that’s been waiting for this, and they’re very willing to wait.

If I can get them to wait, that’s a huge deal.

I’m trying to help them find something that’s good for them.

I hope they don’t need to wait too long, because it will be worth it.

– Bloomberg Businessweek article 1 day ago


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