When Do You Buy Bitcoins? Here’s What to Know

Coinbase is offering its users the chance to buy cryptocurrency by simply filling out an online form and clicking “Buy Bitcoin.”

According to Coinbase, users will be able to buy the digital currency via bank rewards or bank credit, and by buying in bulk.

Coinbase said the new feature is the latest in an ongoing effort to streamline online shopping for the cryptocurrency marketplace, which is also known as “Bitcoin.”

The new feature means consumers will be receiving the currency at no cost, while they’re still making payments.

Coinbases users can also simply click on “Add to Cart” and “Pay Now” to get started.

For example, to pay $2.50, users could simply enter the amount they’d like to pay in BTC and the amount of their choice and then click “Add.”

For now, there are no options for merchants to add Bitcoin to their online store, and users must manually select the cryptocurrency they want to purchase.

If they want, users can buy BTC directly from the site.

For more on the rise of cryptocurrencies, watch:Coinbase is currently in the process of launching a “Bitcoin wallet” in the form of a QR code that users scan and enter into a website.

Users will be charged a fee for this service, but it’s not clear how much it will cost.

If you do decide to pay the fees, it’s likely you’ll be able buy Bitcoins for free.


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