How to Avoid Being Trolled By Your Friends

You’re not alone.

People use your social media accounts to harass, bully and taunt you on a regular basis.

Here are some ways to make sure your friends don’t do it to you.1.

Don’t tell anyone your real name, your email address or phone number.

You should never reveal your true identity on social media, especially when it comes to a real-life person.

You could end up getting a lot of attention and getting targeted for a scam.2.

Don-Tack on a real name.

When you want to communicate, always use your real, correct name.3.

Avoid using a photo that’s a selfie, a gif or an image that doesn’t belong to you, because those can be a magnet for trolls and bullies.

If you don’t like the picture, delete it and send it to a friend or family member instead.4.

Don\’t post images that don’t belong on your social accounts.

For example, if you’re sharing a photo of your car or your car window, don’t post a photo or picture of the car on your Instagram or Twitter accounts.5.

Avoid sharing personal information like email addresses or phone numbers with strangers.

Sharing a person’s phone number can lead to a scam or even a personal attack.6.

Use your own email address.

You can use a Google email or a Gmail account instead of your own.7.

When posting a message on a social media site, be specific.

Be clear about the information you’re posting, like the location, your name, what you said, and the person who sent you the message.8.

Don�t post the same message twice.

The messages you post should be the same length, in both pictures and text.9.

Don`t use your phone number for business purposes.

Facebook and Twitter have strict guidelines on the use of personal information and how to protect it.

They recommend only using a phone number to send an email or text message.10.

When talking about someone in real life, always include the person’s full name, email address, phone number and the company you work for.

If someone is calling you, make sure they use the right number and that they don’t say their full name or email address in a way that will cause confusion.11.

Always make sure to follow up with people who ask for information, such as when you send a photo.

That can be the difference between a scam and a friendly reply.


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