‘You can’t just say it’s a public health emergency’: Senator says it’s ‘absolutely a public healthcare emergency’

Updated April 12, 2019 11:08:55 Senator Scott Ludlam says he is concerned about the safety of Australians travelling overseas because of the outbreak.

Key points:Mr Ludlam told the ABC he has been told that Australia’s first coronavirus cases have reached 3,500 people, including 1,500 deathsThe Australian Federal Police are investigating the deaths and Mr Ludlam said he believes there is “a very good chance” there will be a second wave.

“It’s absolutely a public sector emergency,” he said.

“The situation is now unfolding with a number of Australians potentially being infected in the course of the pandemic.”

Senator Ludlam is the first sitting member of the Senate to visit Australia since the pandemics outbreak began.

He told the Nine Network’s 7.30 he was not prepared to take a call from the Australian Government, but he was encouraged by what he had heard from people in the community.

“There’s a great amount of concern that the pandivirus outbreak is not over,” he told the program.

“And I think that’s a very good sign because the Government is still trying to sort this out.”

He said he was concerned about people travelling overseas for the pandestrian holiday of St Andrew’s Day and also about the spread of the coronaviruses in the US.

“I have been advised that there are probably 3,000 cases and that’s almost three times the number that have been reported by Australia and New Zealand,” he added.

“They’re telling us that we’re at a very high risk and that they are working closely with the World Health Organization and the US Government and we are concerned.”

Mr Ludllam said it was important for Australians to stay home and stay safe.

“We can’t go out and have a celebratory lunch or a fancy party without knowing that we have been in contact with people overseas who may have been exposed to the coronivirus,” he explained.

“So there’s some very important things that we need to be doing to keep Australians safe.”

The Senator said he did not want to see any Australians returning to Australia until the pandemaker had been eradicated.

“But I am very concerned that we are in the process of a second outbreak that is going to affect Australia’s health,” he warned.

“My concern is that there may be a resurgence, so we need a very, very good plan to be in place for the next two or three weeks.”

Hopefully we can prevent that.

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