Facebook’s commerce team is on the move

Facebook is opening up more commerce management tools to businesses.

It is now making it easier to manage and monitor customer purchases from the company’s Facebook Marketplace and other sites.

The move is aimed at helping businesses better manage their supply chain and reduce cost.

In a blog post, Facebook commerce manager Tom O’Brien said that the new tools would help business owners and suppliers “understand what customers are buying from and what they are buying in the store”.

Mr O’Brian said the new features were part of Facebook’s efforts to “enhance the way we manage and operate supply chains across our businesses”.

“This includes providing a greater understanding of the value and impact of our products, services and products channels, and to better manage our relationships with suppliers to support our ability to deliver the best products and services to our customers,” he said.

“To do this, we’ve created tools to help businesses manage and understand what customers will buy from and to understand how we can help to reduce the impact of these costs.”

Businesses using Facebook Marketplace will see a new page that will include the new Facebook Commerce Manager tool, which allows them to see what the price and quantity of each product is and can then manage how the price is being calculated.

The new tool will also allow business owners to set up “shopping lists” of goods to be delivered via the Marketplace.

The Facebook Marketplace tool can be accessed from the main Facebook page and a search bar will appear next to the page’s navigation bar.Mr O


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