Which companies are part of the Commerce Clause?

Recode: Which companies aren’t part of a “commerce clause” in the US Constitution?

That’s a key question as the US Congress debates the so-called “Commerce Clause,” a legal provision that governs the entire federal government.

It is also a topic of debate in Congress and is one of the many topics that the Senate and the House of Representatives will be working on this year, as part of their regular work schedule.

The Commerce Clause, which was created in the mid-1800s, is one piece of the larger, much broader US Bill of Rights.

The bill was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Commerce Clause supporters argue that the Commerce clause is necessary for a free and open society and is essential for a strong and independent country.

The Commerce Clause does not specifically say what the government must do to be part of it, but that doesn’t mean the clause doesn’t say what it is.

Many of the key phrases in the Commerce Act of 1903, the law that created the commerce clause in the first place, have been rewritten over the years.

The Supreme Court has ruled on the language of the clause, as well.

The commerce clause was a major part of an amendment to the Constitution, the 1787 Constitution, which set up a system of government.

But it was not included in the Constitution until a constitutional amendment was passed in 1796.

That amendment gave Congress the power to pass laws.

The commerce clause also has been amended multiple times since it was passed.

At the time, Congress passed the Commerce Amendment in 1808.

The amendment said that Congress should “provide for the regulation of the internal commerce of the United States, including the free and proper conduct of international commerce” and was amended in 1818 to include “the regulation of commerce with foreign nations.”

Since the 19th century, Congress has passed numerous other amendments to the commerce law, such as one that allowed the states to levy duties on imported goods and a law in 1902 that allowed for federal funding of certain charities.

While the Commerce amendment is often credited with starting the modern era of US commerce, it was also a major source of controversy in Congress.

Critics said that the bill, which is the source of most of the commerce laws, had been rushed through Congress, that it was too vague and that it lacked a clear legal definition of what was being regulated.

The new amendments, however, have made it clear that the new legislation will apply to all kinds of commerce, including international commerce.

If Congress passes a Commerce Clause amendment, the new law would be subject to two main legal interpretations.

First, it could allow the federal government to regulate a specific kind of business activity, such a retail trade or food production, or the amount of money spent on that business, or even the kind of product sold.

Second, it might allow the government to make exceptions to a law when the government thinks it’s justified in doing so.

The first interpretation is generally known as the “proprietary trade exception.”

That would allow for some exceptions to the law, which might include certain businesses that don’t fit into the traditional definition of commerce.

The second interpretation would allow the new Commerce Act to protect any kind of commerce from state regulation.

For example, the government could regulate a business that doesn


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